Breaking-Up with my Co-Founder — Back to the Keyboard I Pound

Well this is a tough post for me to write, but since this blog is all about documenting my misadventures in startups I feel I’m obligated…

Breaking-Up with my Co-Founder — Back to the Keyboard I Pound

Well this is a tough post for me to write, but since this blog is all about documenting my misadventures in startups I feel I’m obligated to at least mention it. I’ve broken up with my “co-founder.” I put the word co-founder in quotes because I actually had been working on the startup as a solo founder for one year prior to my friend joining the startup. I started PublishingHau[5] Inc. in March of 2017. My friend joined the company in January 2018, but we recently decided to shut PublishingHau[5] Inc. down due to the high percentage of our startups expenses going to various fees associated with operating a Delaware C Corporation. At this point my friend and I then started the Bohemian Software Co., a general partnership, but this was really just a continuation of my earlier work with PublishingHau[5] Inc. under a different legal entity.

It was really nice having someone with which to brainstorm and bounce off ideas. But this all came at a great cost in terms of equity and ownership. It also came at a great cost in terms of vision. Ultimately I came to realize that my co-founder really only wanted to spend a couple hours a week talking about the startup, maybe fantasize a little bit about future success, and share a financial stake in the potential upside. But when it came to actually working on the startup he didn’t really want to do any work, business or technical. In fact, I could tell by the tone of his voice that he became annoyed whenever I would call him to talk about the startup. As I would spend hours upon hours everyday coding to make our startup a reality, he would voice his annoyance and displeasure at having being bothered to spend a few minutes talking on the phone about the state of the startup. So I’ve decided to leave our partnership and continue on with my creative endeavors by myself. The working name for my sole proprietorship at the moment is: Maniacal Software Co.

As my mono-maniacal focus on the startup seems to have been the main difference between myself and my co-founder, I think this might be an apt name for the startup. When I initially suggested this name to my former co-founder and one of our mutual friends, they both scoffed at the name. However, I believe mono-maniacal focus may be the key differentiator between startups that succeed and startups which fail. So hopefully this new name will serve the startup well. I’m really grateful for the enthusiasm my co-founder showed at the beginning of our short collaboration, but I don’t think he has the fire within himself to will a company into existence from nothing. And that’s what the Maniacal Software Company is all about: willing into existence software from nothing by maniacally pounding away at computer keyboards until apps appear in app stores featuring our company’s name. Thus far, this strategy has worked well for launching two semi-successful applications, a chrome extension and an Android mobile application, so I think it will continue to work in the future.

Back to the keyboard I pound.